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If you're considering adding the Full Planner Package, you're probably wondering what kind of DJ this owner is.  I'll gladly share my story.  Though, please visit my DJ site for much more info here.


Hi!  I'm James Barr.  I started out as a DJ back in college, when my first friends got married.  I was the clear choice due to all my decade dances I was known for.  Years later I found myself as a youth leader, event planner, band leader, and overall director of sound in my career field.  We moved to Kansas in 2012, where I went back to school (Rock Chalk!), and had 2 beautiful wild banshees with my amazing wife, Nicole.  It was then that DJing took off.  It started as a way to supplement classes, but it just kept growing.  Now over a decade later, this city has accepted my family in a way I can never repay.  Thank you!


I grew up in SW Florida, going to the skating rink 3 times a week, then high school in Boulder, CO where I learned the way of the Hippie (though my Mom had already taught me).  My first CD's were Vanilla Ice, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Ice T.  My favorite artists are Nickel Creek, Ben Rector, Goo Goo Dolls, & Jodeci.  So needless to say, my musical pallet is deep.  Professionalism is key, and you may have already read, "Peace of mind is Paramount."  I truly believe that, but now you know I can also throw a kick ass dance party!

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Coordinating a wedding came naturally as I realized that without one, the DJ takes control!  That happens more often than you'd think.  Launching Simply Serendipity was an easy decision, as long as I knew I had a great Lead Coordinator for when I'm behind the mic.  You hopefully have been to the About Us page and met Jaclyn.  She's incredible, and provides me the freedom to focus on running the business, hosting & DJing your event!

What RTB offers

As previously mentioned, Raise the Barr Entertainment has been around since 2012.  Since it's inception, James has added a photobooth, up-lighting, live instrument mic's, and karaoke.  He also owns Barrnacle Builds, and does custom wedding builds and decor, such as arches, signage, photobooth backdrops, and a donut wall!

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Barrnacle Builds

I love building things!  I make tables, adirondack chairs, dressers, and of course wedding decor!  You'll notice arches, a donut wall, and even a photobooth.  We can negotiate a separate fee for a custom build.  Let's chat!  913.488.5490
-James Barr


We can't wait to meet you!  Contact us directly here:


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