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James Barr
Owner, DJ, Coordinator
James moved to Kansas in 2012
with his beautiful bride, Nicole. 
Since then they have had 2 adorable children.  While Nicole is a native, James has fallen in love with the area.  He even roots for the Chiefs!  We won't tell you his home team.  Don't worry, they're not a threat. Haha!
After almost a decade, James loves working weddings and making forever memories for each of his clients.  We can't wait to show you what we have in store!


Jaclyn Muck

Lead Coordinator
I am so pleased to introduce you to Jaclyn!  We met during a consultation for a wedding we worked together and became fast friends!  I shared how I was struggling to find a lead Coordinator so I could focus more on the business.  She had been taking care of her new born, and while a proud Mama Bear, she was starting to miss it.  Jaclyn's also a transplant, and hails from the East Coast as I do. She has a history in modeling, and a coordinating background with various reputable places.  She was a steal and I'm so thankful to have her on the team! 

Absolutely Amazing


So Attentive to Details

Best Vendor at

Our Wedding

Went Above and Beyond

  Our clients' experience are the entire motivation behind what we're about, and their reviews show it!  We want everyone to feel like they're in great hands from the start to finish of this miraculous occasion. 


Peace of mind is paramount in how we operate.  We plan with great detail, we communicate with great expediency, and we coordinate with great big smiles. (smiling is unfortunately not as common as you might think).  We want to take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on the joy of the moment.  We'll show up first and ensure all the wonderful intricacies of your wedding day happen just the way you dreamt it. 

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