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Simply Serendipity is back!

Updated: May 29

I can't wait to share with you what we've been working on during our hiatus. James had some family health issues and just focused on the DJ arm for a while and recruiting a team. We’re so thankful to be back!

Simply Serendipity has been creating a team of awesome wedding giants! James never thought he'd start hiring, but too many have shown gratitude for the brand of professionalism we offer. It became evident that it was time to invite other locals with a similar vision to join the team. We have added Full Wedding Planning, Month-of Planning, and DJ add-ons for both. Soon James will be finished with The Traveling Barr, and his rustic bar tenders. Several awesome lead servers are already reeling to go! I am certain they will provide a stellar event experience for all our guests.

With the Full Planner option, it includes a personal planner up to 12 months before your date, the same on-site coordinator you were originally assigned for your rehearsal and day-of ceremonies, timeline creation, in-person walk-throughs, website creation, vendor relations, and more! Most of all, we can't wait for you to meet our new coordinators! They not only know weddings, they love people.

We are so excited to provide such a comprehensive wedding package to Kansas City! Thank you for being so good to our family for over a decade.

Where Peace of Mind is Paramount

Stay tuned for a traveling photobooth. Details still in dream state and we don't wanna spoil anything.

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