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Revamping the Brand

Not much to say here, but I’ll explain the process of picking a good wedding brand.

Our mother business, as it were, is Raise the Barr Entertainment. After a few months, almost a dozen years ago, it became clear this was not your typical DJing gig. When coordinators weren’t present, I, James, became one. When timelines weren’t prepared, I made them. Pretty soon it only made sense to expand. But what do we name it?

After ignoring several suggestions to keep RTB, I felt it wasn’t elegant enough for a planner. So I set about watching my favorite Rom Coms for inspiration. Serendipity, with John Cussack and Kate Beckensale, was naturally at the top of the list. And thus, Simply Serendipity was born!

I’d been told “logo’s were out”, and the font design was everything. So like I said, not super entertaining, but I love coral, and this font just felt right!

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