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How to find your Planner/Coordinator!

What a loaded question, right? As a Wedding DJ first, I probably shouldn’t tell you, you don’t always need one. So why admit this? One answer: Why would I want you to be disappointed with my services, if you decide afterward that you didn’t need it after all. That’s not good for anybody. You’re out of a large churk of money, and maybe telling people not to hire me. That’s why I believe in transparency first! We’re your advocate, so let’s start off strong and figure out exactly what you need…

Are you an “activator”, as my wife calls herself? Are you a self-starter, love to plan, shop, interview, vision board, and create timelines? How about making sure everything is running smoothly the day-of? If not, you need Jaclyn!

First, you’ll meet me, James, the Owner. I love meeting all my clients! I want to make sure we’re all a great fit, hear your vision, and help you decide the best package for your needs. Then you get to hang with my Lead Coordinator, Jaclyn. She has an awesome resume working with some of the top wedding professionals in Kansas City, Florida, and elsewhere. Plus, she’s just super fun! You’re in good hands.

Our Month-of Package is just a clearer way of saying Day-of + the 30 days of planning that should come with it anyway! Sadly, this can be one of the most deceptive packages. Hiring someone to just make sure the other professionals are doing their jobs should be completely unecessary! On the other hand, someone to plan your timeline, run your rehearsal, ensure no minor details are left undone, AND running the day-of operations could be very beneficial! Don’t hire a day-of who is literally only working the day-of.

Full Planning is for your hands-off bride who wants all the decision power, with none of the leg work. While this is a higher ticket price, it may come out to a great deal If you utilize them and all their talents! For example, we will be your guru up to 12mo in advance (maybe a little more if you’re extra anxious), attend walk-throughs and other important meetings. Most importantly, getting a Planner this far out can ensure grabbing some of our favorite vendors we like to work with! Not to mention, package deals with James’ woodworking arm for wedding decor and specialty pieces, like benches, signage, and arches! 30 days is not sufficient for more than small orders.

Give us a call. We promise to listen, be upfront about what we feel you need, and do our best to earn your make your dreams come true!

Thanks for the read.



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